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Welcome to TOPQUEST (TQ), the ultimate college and career prep system. TQ is the ONLY one-stop college resource with organized, detailed information and virtual tours for all 7,500+ colleges (accredited and non-accredited) in the U.S, billions of dollars of scholarships and funding, and the unique CZ Auto-fill Tool™ that completes 80% of all online admissions and funding applications with the click of a few buttons, saving you hours!

TOPQUEST streamlines the college prep/application process, allowing you to search, match and apply to colleges and for funding. Searches are customized based on your academic profile (SAT, ACT, GPA) and personal criteria. We are the ONLY college prep service with an extensive list of college-specific scholarships; MindSight™ college and career academic transition tool; CZ WorkZone allowing students to research, compare and determine skills needed for hundreds of careers, and matches career choices to colleges offering corresponding majors; CZ Power Prep for SAT/ACT testing; Resume Generator; online Counseling Center that features bi-weekly Live Chats and after hours counseling support; EDUsystems, featuring DNA & GradMap and Parent Access; and the Guidance Counselor Utility.

Contact us for more information about special rates and customized packages for schools, districts and organizations.
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